October 22, 2018

Pencil illustration of Melissa

Melissa’s story

Melissa lives in a large fine house that rises/floats/stands above the clouds. She has lovely parents and a lovely life.

Her life is delightful, but not perfect.

You see, a very tall wall had to be built to go all around the house, it looks like an old fashioned castle. The wall is so tall that no one knows its true height, but we know that it’s wide enough for two people to walk side by side along the top. 

 Why does her family have such a big, tall wall?

 The answer is to protect their home and everyone inside from cloud dragons!

Guards walk along the top of the wall at all hours of the day and night. Most importantly, their job is to look out for any cloud dragons approaching. If they see just one, they sound the alarm!

But let’s talk about Melissa. She is a thinker and a reader. Her thoughts are endless—a continuous stream of thinking all day, even all night. Melissa’s thoughts are big, bright and wonderful.

When Melissa looks over the wall, she mainly sees clouds, light puffy billowing clouds. That is to be expected when you live above the clouds. Nevertheless, on occasion, the sky clears. If she squints her eyes to focus while looking down, she can see land. In addition to some soft, rolling hills, Melissa has also spotted large lakes, clusters of woods, and even narrow paths.

 Amazingly, with all that she has seen, Melissa has never really left her home. Instead, she quite often takes little trips … in her imagination. During the many travels that happen in her mind, she sees all the things that she has read about.

 That’s the secret about Melissa and her family: They are mind travelers.

Aside from dealing with cloud dragons, mind travelers enjoy such beautifully relaxed lives. Without any effort, at any given time, they can choose where they want to be, even though they are sort of always in their house above the clouds.

 Oh, and you should understand just what clouds dragons are to imagine what Melissa’s life is like. Well, they are quite big—no, huge is a better description—and they are called cloud dragons because they really are made from clouds. One minute, they are light and fluffy. Another minute, they turn cold and watery. Sometimes—and this is when they become scary—they shoot lightning bolts! That’s why you don’t want them inside your home! It is not that they mean to be bad; it is just that bad things happen when they arrive. 

One time, when the guards fell asleep, a cloud dragon got over the wall and managed to get his giant head through a window that was open just a bit open. Yes, the dragon was huge, but slipping through the tiniest cracks was easy for a creature made of clouds. Once inside, the dragon’s entire body reformed to its original shape. His feet are three times the size of a diner plate. His tale is as long as five bicycles. His head is five times larger than a horse’s head.

 The biggest problem with cloud dragons is that they have no sense. They don’t think, oh, let’s be careful not to knock over this lamp or we must be gentle with this table. No, they just go along as they please and make a mess of everything! Within minutes after one gets inside, all you own will be broken! Indeed, if you let one cloud dragon step into your entry hall, you might as well open your doors to a herd of busy bulls and invite them to run through every room!

Curiously, for some reason, cloud dragons especially love sneaking through the cracks to get inside Melissa’s house!


To be continued….


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