Lappentot Wee Laddy Douglas

$104.00 USD

Look at our new winter Lappentot

Wee Douglas is 15" tall, he is handcrafted so no two are alike. His body is made from natural cotton and filled with fiber filling. His clothes are hand sewn and can be removed. (White cotton shirt with button, hand knitted traditional Scottish patterned cardigan, kilt made from a vintage Scottish kilt, gray socks, wool felt boots with leather straps and gray wool felt scarf). His soft to touch black hair is a blend of sheep and baby alpaca wool. He has a round cuddly tummy and is made for light play.

Wee Douglas is always helpful and friendly. He is interested in everything and makes a great companion. He has a younger sister Moira, who also loves to play.

Lappentots are hand made, they all look a little bit different, the stitching is visible and not perfect, however this look and feel gives each Lappentot a unique appeal.

Lappentots are made in small batches, if your choice of Lappentot is not available today check back or email us.

Recommended for children 4 years and up