Rose Petal Lappentot Limited Edition

$112.00 USD


Limited Edition Handmade In The USA.

Rose PetalĀ is a limited edition 15" Lappentot, who is perfectly sweet and lovable. She has hair made from lambs wool and Italian Meriono wool, which has been finely braided in places, she wears a set of white lace under clothes, a pink floral dress, a matching scarf, white ruffled socks andĀ light pink shoes with wood buttons. She carries a "I love you" heart and and a bag of pink rose petals.

Made for your loved one! The Rose Petal edition was inspired by love and joy. OnlyĀ a few of these Lappentots will EVER be made. This makes it a great and special gift for your loved one. That includes your family and significant other!

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šŸŒ¹ Product details:

  • Lappentots are hand stitched to last
  • Bodies are made from naturalĀ cotton, filled with man-made fiber fill material. They have soft round cuddly tummies.
  • Hair is a combination of natural sheep, alpaca and man-made yarn
  • Clothes are hand stitched
  • Clothes can be put on and off and are intended for play!Ā šŸ’•

LappentotsĀ are hand made, they all look a little bit different, the stitching is visible, however this gives eachĀ Lappentot a unique look and appeal.

Pose PetalĀ makes a great friend.

šŸŒ¹ Recommended for children 4 years and up.Ā šŸ’•