Sleepy Time Albelina Atlanté Limited Edition

$72.00 USD

ūüíē Sleepy Time¬†Albelina Atlant√© LIMITED EDITION¬†ūüĆĻ
Limited Edition Handmade In The USA.

Sleepy Time Albelina Atlanté is a limited edition 15" Lappentot, who is perfectly sweet and lovable. She has hair made from sheep wool, and alpaca.  She wears a pink printed top, white floral pantaloons, pink ruffled socks. She carries a woolfelt "I love you" heart.

Product details:

  • Lappentots are hand stitched
  • Bodies are made from cotton, filled with man-made fiber fill material.
  • Hair is natural sheep wool and alpaca
  • Clothes are hand stitched
  • Clothes can be put on and off and are intended for play

Lappentots  are handmade, they all look a little bit different, the stitching is visible and not perfect, however this look and feel gives each Lappentot a unique appeal.

Albelina Atlanté is very generous and her bubbly personality makes her very lovable.

Recommended for children 4 years and up.

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