Melissa Lappentot

$115.00 USD

Product details:

  • Lappentots are hand stitched to last.
  • Bodies are made from natural cotton, filled with man-made fiber fill material.
  • Hair is a combination of natural wool and man-made yarn.
  • Clothes are hand stitched.
  • Clothes can be put on and off and are intended for play.
  • Melissa has 5 layers of clothes, including a pair of shoes which have vintage mother of pear buttons.

Lappentots are hand made, they all look a little bit different, the stitching is visible and not perfect, however this look and feel gives each Lappentot a unique appeal.

Melissa makes a great friend and has wonderful big thoughts

Review:  Thanks so much — your work is beautiful!

Recommended for children 4 years and up.


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