Melissa Paper Cut-Out

$10.00 USD

Special to the end of September- Buy one and get a surprise one free!

This paper-Lappentot (sheet size: 12.5 inches wide x 9 inches high) is a beautifully designed, fresh take on a traditional past time. Vibrant colors, rich textures, and a diverse cast of characters. Each set is designed, illustrated and Made in the USA . Not only are they adorable, they are printed on linen light weight card stock, which means they won't crumble up like paper.  All you need are a small pair of scissors to cut out the pieces, fold the ties over and you are ready to play.

Lappentot paper cut-outs and a dose of imagination are perfect for an afternoon of play. Melissa comes with a jacket, a dress, change of shoes, a book and cup of lavender tea. But Melissa is a character with wonderful big thoughts, read about her on the story page and find out who she really is! And look out for her friends Albelina Atlanté and Sebastian.

• Recommended for 5 years and up.

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