Sebastian Lappentot

$115.00 USD

Sebastian is 15" tall, his body is made from natural tea dyed cotton and his hair is 100% soft merino wool. He is wearing blue denim jeans with two small wooden buttons, shorts, a white cotton shirt, a plaid warm jacket with a mahogany wooden button and a magic key. And he has his camping blanket because he loves to be outside. His soft hair, soft to touch jacket and round tummy makes him a welcomed friend.

  • Lappentots are hand stitched
  • Bodies are made from cotton, filled with man-made fiber fill material.
  • Hair is a combination of natural and man-made yarn
  • Clothes are hand stitched
  • Clothes can be put on and off and are intended for play

Lappentots are hand made, they all look a little bit different, the stitching is visible and not perfect, however this look and feel gives each Lappentot a unique appeal.

Sebastian loves animals and to be outside, he has his own story.

Lappentots are made in small batches, if your choice of Lappentot is not available today check back or email us.

Recommended for children 3 years and up.

Review: We have Sebastian and he goes everywhere with our son, even to cello lessons. His rustic look and magic key, makes him adorable.


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